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Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography
Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Engagement photography is a chance to capture the beginning of your life long journey together. An engagement photography session can be scheduled anytime before your wedding. On average, most engagement photography is taken either a couple of months after your announcement as you start to plan your wedding and settle on a wedding date. The photographs from the engagement photography session are often used for your Save the Date announcement. Some create wedding invitations using engagement photographs. This personal touch will impress everybody, and showcase just how stunning you and your fiance look.

Another option is to have an engagement photography session a couple of months before your wedding to better get farmiliar with your wedding photographer. An engagement photography session gives you a chance to learn to be comfortable as the focus of a photographer's lens as you express your love to your soon to be husband or wife. The experience of a engagement photography session often leads to more comfortable and natural wedding photography on your wedding day.

Engagement photography has a lot of advantages. Having a professional wedding photographer take your photos while in "plain clothes" and capture your love in a more candid and natural envirorment is an other way to capture this time in your life. Engagement photos are great for less formal photography that you might want to frame and hang around your home. Engagement photos are also often used as decorations on your wedding day to give wedding guests a glimps of the love and life you and your partner share on a day to day basis. Having a engagement photos and engagement pictures and prior to the wedding will allow the photographs to be enlarged and displayed at the wedding reception venue. The engagement pictures will capture the attention of all your guests as they discuss how wonderfully in love the two of you look.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Engagement Photography Session

  1. It's an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer. Being comfortable with your wedding photographer and being relaxed in front of a camera will ease your nerves and allow you to enjoy the process of being photographed during your wedding. Being nervous and stress may be evident in your wedding photography, and will possibly ruin otherwise gorgeous shots. The more prepared and familiar you are beforehand, the more at ease you will be on the day of your wedding day.
  2. Engagement photography is an opportunity to practice posing and taking direction from your south florida engagement photographer. This will help you feel more comfortable about what will happen on the day and to know what your wedding photographer will expect from you. Communication is the key; so the more time you spend with your wedding photographer, the better the end result will be.
  3. Engagement photography is a great chance to experement with make up and hair. If possibly, schedule your hair and make up run though the same day as your engagement photography session. This will give you the opportunity to preview the results so you can look your best on your wedding day. The same applies to your wedding dress. Being photographed in it will allow you to review how it looks and make any necessary adjustments before your special day.
  4. Engagement photography also is an opportunity for your wedding photographer to better get to know you. As a wedding photographer, I get learn what you are comfortable with and what your preferences are in terms of styling, posing, and locations. You will also have the opportunity to view work in advance so we can discuss how you like your photographs professionally edited. As a professional engagement photographer, I encourage you to provide me with feedback and suggestions. This day is about you. And I want you to be 100% happy with the photographs you receive.
  5. As your wedding photographer, I will have opportunity of learning how to show you in your best light. An engagement shoot is a trial run for discovering which angles and positioning work best for you and for fiance. This experience will make capturing you on your wedding day a great deal easier.

6 Tips on What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

  1. Be Coloful. The colors should work with the location. Bold colors look good in a more city like environment and softer hues lend themselves more to nature.
  2. Mix & Match. Make sure to coordinate with your partner but not to the point where you are both wearing white t-shirts and acid wash jeans. If you must wear your beautiful bright red dress and he plans on wearing a light green shirt you might look a little mismatched. These photos are about you as a couple and one way to show that is to look like you belong together.
  3. Quick Change. I usually recommend couples bring a change of clothes so you have more of a variety to choose from but you have to take in account where we are. A lot of beach locations have public restrooms but you have to be comfortable changing their and being quick since usually we are working with daylight. While we are in South Florida it is good to try to use layers to make your outfits more versatile.
  4. Dress for the Occasion. The outfits you choose should make sense together as far as “where are you going?” If you are wearing a cocktail dress he should be wearing a blazer or nice shirt like you are going on a special date. The two outfit models I like are 1. Date Night and 2. Everyday nice clothes.
  5. Be Comfortable. Which brings me to what I think is the most import dress in something you feel comfortable in, not like you sweat pants, but something that is you. The outfit does not need to be a tried and true one but I would not recommend you pulling off tags as we shot. You want these to show you are as a person and as a couple.